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Friday, July 21, 2006

So Where Do You Start

Sex therapists will tell you that most of the people they advise start off with a remarkable level of ignorance about matters sexual. In some groups, even today in the 21st Century, sex is regarded as being for the purpose of procreation only. But we know that the human body and mind are structured to make sex one of the greatest pleasures life can offer.

Today we understand that good sex forges and strengthens the bond between woman and partner that is at the heart of the family. More than that, sexual orgasm is vitally important for the physical and mental health of both women and men.

Sexual problems can form a vicious circle. If the sex isn’t good the relationship suffers and the sex gets worse. Modern work-centered life styles get in the way too. One partner blames the other and the problem gets worse, etc. etc.

The word ‘partnership’ is critical here. Sure you can make love to yourself but we are concerned about sex between two people who contribute equally so this book is written for men as well as women.

I guess you wouldn’t be reading this book if you didn’t feel there was some improvement to make. Maybe you feel sexually inadequate. Well there’s no sin in that. The whole commercial world conspires to make us all feel inadequate; the advertisements for beauty products that use teen models that don’t need them; products that ‘reduce the appearance of wrinkles’ demonstrated on women who don’t have any; the diet products advertised by women who appear anorexic; and so on.

Just be who you are, live your own life and fulfill your own potential – never ever give up – particularly on your sex life. Talk about your sex with your partner and if you ever feel there’s something wrong – something physical that’s stopping you achieving orgasm – go see your medical advisor.

Remember, communication is critical. You have to be able to discuss these issues freely and openly with your partner.